Gov’t launches eye screening, spectacles subsidy


The government has launched a significant subsidy programme aimed at improving eye health by providing financial assistance for eye tests and spectacles. This initiative underscores the crucial importance of regular eye screening, particularly for vulnerable age groups.

As part of the programme, vouchers valued at $2,500 will be provided to individuals needing eye tests, and vouchers worth $15,000 will be available to help cover the cost of acquiring spectacles. These subsidies are targeted at citizens below the age of 18 and those above the age of 65, recognizing the critical need for eye care in these age brackets.

During the launch ceremony at the Arthur Chung Conference Center in Georgetown, Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony highlighted the initiative’s focus on early detection and prevention. He noted that over 20,000 nursery-level children have already been screened, and the programme will now extend to primary-level students.

“We hope that all parents will support this effort by ensuring their children are screened,” Dr. Anthony emphasized, stressing the importance of parental involvement in maintaining children’s eye health.

The ceremony also saw representatives from various organisations, including the Shahed Orphanage Gentle Women’s Hostel, Beacon Home, and Archers Senior Citizens Home, receiving vouchers to support those under their care. Additionally, Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai received vouchers for hinterland scholarship students, ensuring broad access to the programme across different communities.

Senior citizens Jayrethi Devi, Bhudri, Sheena Campbell, and Patricia Campbell were present to receive vouchers as representatives of the elderly, while children Jayden Dhanraj and Isabella Surujpaul represented the younger beneficiaries.

This programme underscores the government’s commitment to eye health, recognizing that early detection and treatment of vision problems are vital for the well-being and quality of life of citizens.







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