Over 500 Pomeroon farmers benefitting from bed, drainage project


Over 500 farmers from villages along the Pomeroon River, Region Two are benefitting from the bed and drainage project that was crafted by President Dr Irfaan Ali.

The project was established in 2023 when President Ali visited the Pomeroon-Supenaam district.

It entails the elevation of farm beds and the dredging of the lands to enhance drainage and irrigation.

Two mini excavators were brought into the river to advance dredging activities there.

Vice Chairman, Humace Oodit on Friday, noted that there have been signs of increased production along the Pomeroon River due to this intervention.

“There are over 500 farmers in both lower and upper Pomeroon that have actually started to benefit from the five acres bed and drain project. And so, while this is happening, I want to encourage the farmers to take advantage of this initiative. Already, there have been signs of increased production,” the vice chair stated.

During the establishment of the project last year, farmers were at the time suffering from severe flooding in the Pomeroon River.

As such, the elevation of farm beds and the dredging of the area was deemed as a timely intervention.

Some of the canals that lead to the savannahs were opened to drain the excess water off of the farmlands.

Additionally, the farmers are also benefitting from other agricultural inputs, including the distribution of Brazilian coconut plants, which commenced a few weeks ago.

Farmers also received a coconut shredder. The shredding machine is used to finely mince the husks which can be used for organic purposes such as coir/coconut fibre. The coir can then be used to make products like mats and other upholstery materials. [DPI]


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