181 speeding cases recorded in 14 days in Region Six


A total of 596 traffic offences, most of them being speeding, were reported during the period June 1st-14th, 2024 by traffic ranks on the Corentyne, Regional Division 6.

This was disclosed by the Guyana Police Force.

For the 14-day period, 181 cases of speeding were recorded. This was followed by 51 cases of failing to produce a driver’s license and 45 cases of unlit motor vehicle rear. Forty-three were also recorded for unlit motor vehicle front.

The other cases included but were not limited to these:

  • One case each was recorded for the following: carrying a pillion rider without a safety helmet; breach of condition attached to prescribed fitness; breach of road service license; interrupting the free flow of traffic; motor vehicle causing obstruction
  • Two cases were recorded for the following: crossing solid double yellow lines; no reflecting mirror; window blinds; uninsured motor vehicle; and obscured ID mark front
  • Three cases were recorded for the following: the use of handheld mobile phones while driving; dangerous driving; and careless driving
  • 11 cases of driving a motorcycle without wearing a safety helmet
  • 23 cases of driving a motor vehicle without wearing a seat belt
  • 17 cases of breach of condition of provisional license
  • Nine cases of unlicensed motor vehicle
  • 16 cases of conduct of driver
  • Eight cases of stopping within 30 feet of a corner
  • Ten cases of no parking brakes
  • Seven cases of driving a motor vehicle while alcohol level exceeded the prescribed limit
  • 20 cases of faulty packing of load
  • 25 cases of driving an uncertified motor vehicle
  • Nine cases of breach of insurance
  • Nine cases of unlicensed driver
  • 17 cases of leaving motor vehicle in a dangerous position
  • Seven cases of carrying more persons than the permitted number
  • 2 cases of prohibition of tinted glass
  • 10 cases of untidy driver
  • Four obscured ID mark rear
  • Seven cases of failure to obtain a road service license
  • Five cases of no ID mark (front)
  • Five cases of maintenance of tyre


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  1. habeeb says

    This is definitely a racket run by people in places.
    If the magistrates could just find EVERYONE guilty and sentence them to ONE YEAR or more in jail,
    the roadways might just be a little safer, if not replaced by other violators.

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