Canada/ Guyana trade soared to almost Cdn$350M in 2023


Canada is among the countries deepening relations with Guyana and bilateral trade between the two countries soared to almost CA $350 million (or about GY $53.4 billion) in 2023, the country’s High Commissioner to Guyana Mark Berman said Thursday night.

“These numbers, while showing an opportunity for further growth, have been driven by our shared commitment to economic development and the complementary strengths of our economies,” Berman said at a Canada Day event at the Pegasus Suites in Georgetown.

He held Canada out as a “reliable partner” for Guyana, particularly in the business, agriculture, energy, infrastructure and education sectors.

The partnership the country is deepening with Guyana, Berman said, is evidenced by various loan agreements inked and ventures jointly pursued. He also noted that Canada is a huge supporter of the Guyana-led ambitious food security agenda within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Outside of trade relations, Berman emphasised the country’s commitment to Guyana’s sovereignty.

“The Canadian Government is concerned with the tensions between Guyana and Venezuela and we reiterate that we stand with the Guyanese people, we stand with the government and we call for the respect of international law,” he said.

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