Guyana’s Mixed Martial Arts team intensifies training for Pan-Am Games qualifiers


The Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GMMAF) hosted a crucial training session on June 20 at the Transport Sports Club, marking a significant step in their quest to qualify athletes for the Pan American Games in Mexico this August.

Over 27 athletes representing various clubs across Guyana participated in the rigorous fitness tests led by Assistant Technical Director Charles Greaves and Coach John Campayne.

The tests included combat sparring and benefitted immensely from the expertise of Guyana’s Pan American Boxing Champion, Desmond Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s participation, particularly in the boxing segments, ensured the athletes received high-level training and insights.

Further bolstering the coaching staff was Coach Clifton Barker from Boxing, who provided focused training on boxing techniques and strategies.

Coaches Troy Bobb and Andre Murray also played vital roles, ensuring all athletes were well-prepared for the demanding tests.

The GMMAF is committed to fielding a robust and competitive team, reflected in their implementation of a physiotherapy program for athletes this year. This initiative aims to optimize their physical condition, facilitate recovery, and prevent injuries, maximizing their chances of success in Mexico.

Expressing satisfaction with the turnout and the athletes’ dedication, Assistant Technical Director Charles Greaves stated, “The good spirit and willingness of the athletes is encouraging.

However, extra hard work is required.” This highlights the GMMAF’s focus on fostering a culture of hard work and dedication necessary for success at the Pan American Games.

The GMMAF remains steadfast in its mission of promoting mixed martial arts in Guyana and propelling its athletes to international glory.

They extend their gratitude to all participants and supporters and look forward to a triumphant Pan American Games campaign.

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