Sarabo-Halley: Vanessa Kissoon must be supported, allegations investigated


General Secretary of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Tabitha Sarabo- Halley has joined the calls for a probe into the allegations levelled against People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) leader Aubrey Norton.

And in a written statement she has emphasised that those allegations, made by PNCR stalwart Vanessa Kissoon, must be treated seriously particularly since she has no reason to doubt Kissoon and has heard rumours of the incident before.

In fact, Sarabo- Halley explicitly stated: “I stand with Vanessa Kissoon!”

Kissoon had said that Norton, who is also the Leader of the Opposition, Aubrey Norton once threatened to sexually assault and shoot her.

Mr Norton has denied the accusation and says it is part of efforts by one of his competitors to thwart his leadership campaign. Norton is looking to retain the leadership of the PNCR when its congress is held next week.

The PNCR is the major constituent of the APNU coalition. Sarabo-Halley is from the Guyana Nation Builders Party and was recently elected General Secretary of APNU, though that election has been disputed.

The General Secretary also emphasised the need to seriously probe the matter.

“We as Guyanese, especially our women, do not understand that our response to these situations can either bring further pressure on our society and our men to stop abusing our women or make men feel that they will be protected by the same women that they abuse.

“We cannot only believe the victim when we don’t like the perpetrator. Statistics show that perpetrators of sexual harassment and abuse don’t have a specific look and thus it can be anyone,” Sarabo- Halley said in her statement.

On Friday, it was announced that PNCR elders including Hamilton Green will be probing the allegations levelled against Norton.

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  1. Terr says

    These creatures want to lead Guyana look at them ugly like sin the woman ashamed to wear she own hair ( cultural thing). wig is the way to go with a big mouth . Dem cant manage dem own pocket dem want want run country bunch of assholes.

  2. Derk says

    I do agree that this is a serious allegation which must be investigated however,it must also must not only be investigated because the lady in question has alleged so but is should be for Mr.Norton also because his entire well being and career can be affected negatively.
    ‘he who alleges must prove’.

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