Winiperu fisherman dies from suspected drowning


Courtney Benn, a 43-year-old fisherman of Winiperu Village, Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni) is believed to have drowned sometime between Thursday and Saturday.

Police Headquarters reported that that man left his home in a wooden boat (without an engine) to check a fishing seine in the Essequibo River on Thursday.

He was said to have visited Ovin Hubert’s shop on Sherima Landing, where he sold fish. Benn then proceeded to another shop about 200 meters from Hubert’s shop, where he spent approximately 45 minutes consuming an alcoholic beverage.

Police said Benn was last seen paddling his boat alone towards Winiperu Village.

On Friday at about 08:10 hrs, however, Benn’s boat was found drifting in the Essequibo River near Winiperu Village. His personal belongings were inside the boat but Benn was not seen anywhere.

After discovering the drifting boat, residents checked Benn’s home. They failed to locate him and then raised an alarm.

A search party was formed by relatives and community members with Police Officers joining the efforts.

At about 08:00 hrs Saturday morning, Benn’s body was discovered floating in the Essequibo River. It is believed that he drowned.

His body was transported to Bartica Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigations are ongoing to determine the exact circumstances surrounding Benn’s death.

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