‘Remarkable achievement’: MCY&S, NSC congratulate Petterson-Griffith on world record


Press Release from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the National Sports Commission

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the National Sports Commission would like to extend congratulations to local powerlifter Carlos Petterson-Griffith for his historic achievement in setting a new squat world record in the 93kg category at the World Classic Powerlifting Championship in Lithuania.

Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sport Charles Ramson Jr. and Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle led the chorus of praise for Petterson-Griffith from the two sporting authorities, who are at the forefront of local development.

Petterson-Griffith, who finished fifth overall in a field of 34 competitors, etched his name in the annals of world history by setting a new benchmark for the squat with a mammoth 337.5kg (744.06 lbs), besting the previous mark of 337kg held by American Gavin Adin.

With his remarkable feat, which led to a gold medal acquisition in the section, Petterson-Griffith, who is colloquially known as the ‘Showstopper’, became the first Guyanese to achieve a world record in any discipline.

Overall, Petterson-Griffith tallied a combined 860kg (1895.975 lbs) after also bench-pressing 177.5kg and deadlifting 345kg.

Petterson-Griffith’s unprecedented success is indicative of what can be achieved if the investment, which is the largest in the history of the nation, mirrors the existing talent in synchronisation with the requisite structure and policies.

His achievement has placed Guyana firmly on the map of the sporting world, especially in a discipline that is traditionally dominated by North Americans and Europeans, which makes his accomplishment even more outstanding and serves as evidence of the strides that are being made towards achieving a world-class sports culture.

Petersen-Griffith has not only left an imprint on the world, but his achievement will serve as an example and inspiration for all Guyanese.

In a similar vein, Dominic Tyrell should also be commended for his impressive performance in securing a bronze medal and a sixth-place overall placement on his debut in the 83kg category.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport and the National Sports Commission would once again like to congratulate Petterson-Griffith on his remarkable achievement and state that we remain committed to the development and improvement of the sporting ecosystem.

His triumph will serve to further invigorate and empower the aforesaid objective.

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