Man who used kitchen knife to kill wife arrested


Hours after he stabbed his reputed wife, Neldon Neblett was Sunday arrested and is expected to be charged soon.

He had escaped after allegedly committing the act but was subsequently arrested.

Neblett is accused of stabbing Anuradha Khatoon, a 34-year-old fruits vendor of Best Village, West Coast Demerara, on Saturday night.

Khatoon and Neblett shared a common-law relationship over the past five years.

At about 23:30 hrs Saturday, the man reportedly returned home intoxicated. Khatoon reportedly told Neblett to “ease on the alcohol drinking” but he became enraged.

Police said the man then armed himself with a knife and stabbed the woman to her throat.

The woman was later taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital but was pronounced dead.

The crime scene was later searched and the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, was found on the floor.


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