Archery Guyana Inc. elects new executive body


Secretary-General of the Guyana Olympic Association Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon will continue as president of Archery Guyana Inc. following what has been described as a successful Annual General Meeting on June 21.

For the current term, which lasts until 2027, Persaud-McKinnon, will have Umasankar Madray as Vice-president, Secretary-General Nicholas Hing, Assistant Secretary Ryan McKinnon, Treasurer Robert Singh and Assistant Treasurer Saeed Karim.

Below is a press issued by Archery Guyana Inc. detailing the Annual General Meeting  

The Annual General Meeting of Archery Guyana Inc. was successfully held at the Georgetown Club, Camp Street on Friday June 21, 2024, and members were therein given the opportunity to discuss activities and plans for the way forward to promote the Olympic sport of Archery in Guyana.

At the AGM, President Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon delivered a detailed report and background to the membership, from its establishment in August 2014 to date.

This was followed by the delivery of a comprehensive annual report on all of the activities of the Federation, which was well received.
At the AGM, elections took place for the positions of Vice-President, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer.

The electoral process, known for its transparency and adherence to democratic principles, was conducted under the supervision of Mr. Siand Dhurjon, Attorney-at-Law.

President of Archery Guyana, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon expressed thanks for the professionalism demonstrated and opined that she is pleased that this year saw the number of women coming forward to contest positions on the Board of Directors.

This is indicative of gender parity and she encourages more women to step to the fore to take leadership positions.

Regrettably, contenders such as Roshini Boodhoo, Melesa Ramnaraine, Samira Duncan and Narda Mohamed, did not find favour with the electorate and the elected board whose tenure ends 2027 now comprises:

President: Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon

Vice-President: Umasankar Madray

Secretary-General: Nicholas Hing

Assistant Secretary: Ryan McKinnon

Treasurer: Robert Singh

Assistant Treasurer: Saeed Karim

Persaud-McKinnon concluded by urging continuous efforts toward gender balance and inclusivity within the Federation.

“While we have made strides towards gender parity, there is still work to be done. I encourage more women to step up and lead. Their involvement is crucial to the diverse and dynamic future of Archery Guyana.”

Archery Guyana is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that supports the development and participation of all members.

The Federation looks forward to another year of growth, excellence, and increased engagement from its members.

The Externally Audited Financial Report was presented to the membership and was duly approved. Two motions were unanimously passed to amend the Constitution accordingly.

Thanks were expressed to the following persons and entities who assisted in one way or the other during the reporting period: Honourable Minister Charles Ramson, The Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, Director of Sport Mr. Steve Ninvalle, The National Sports Commission, Mr. Ryan McKinnon, Mr. Julius Simon, Commissioner General Mr. Godfrey Statia, the Guyana Revenue Authority, Mr. Harryram Parmesar – Parmesar Accounting Firm, Members and the Board of Archery Guyana Inc., Guyana Beverages Inc., Mr. Umasankar Madray, Mr. Robert Singh, Massy Distribution (Guyana) Inc., Massy Gas Products (Guyana) Ltd., Mr. Ray Beharry, Seven Seas, Mr. Samuel Arjoon, General Manager of Guyana Beverages Inc., the management of Guyana Beverages Inc., International Business Services, Mrs. Roshini Boodhoo, Woodpecker Products, Mr. Azad Ibrahim and the Board of Directors of the Muslim Youth Organisation and General Manager of the National Stadium, Mr. Jeewanram Persaud, Mr. Saeed Karim, Mr. Seelall and the staff at the National Racquet and Resource Centre, the Guyana Olympic Association, Mr. Ramsay Ali and the Management of Sterling Products Limited, the Media and all of its members.

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