Four arrested after firearm found during ‘Eyes in the Sky’ operation


An intel-led ‘Eyes in the Sky’ and ‘Cordon and Search’ operation was held in the Central Police Station District in Berbice between 05:30 hrs and 06:11 hrs on Tuesday during which a 9mm firearm was found and four persons were arrested.

The Police team, led by the Regional Divisional Detective Officer for Region Six, went to Sheet Anchor Village, East Canje Berbice, where contact was made with Delcina Lampkin, a 31-year-old businesswoman.

The businesswoman was informed of the reason for the visit and she agreed to a search being conducted in and around the two-storey building.

After the search commenced, 26-year-old Rashane Pellew was seen jumping from a window in the upper flat of the house.

Pellew attempted to escape but was apprehended. A search was conducted and the black 9MM pistol with one magazine was found.

A further search of the house found eight cell phones

Pellew, along with three other persons from the home, were all arrested and escorted to Central Police Station. Police also took possession of the firearm and the cell phones.

Pellew is slated to be charged on Thursday.

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