PNC/R member asks High Court to block Congress over irregularities, internal shortcomings


A lawsuit that seeks to hold one of Guyana’s major political parties, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) accountable, was filed on Thursday.

The case was filed by Brian Collison, a member of the PNC/R.  The case against the party is one of two cases filed by Collison. 

The lawsuit names Aubrey Norton as Leader of the PNC and the PNC as respondents. This action points to irregularities in the process leading up to the selection of delegates for the imminent PNC Congress and notes that it does not compromise the will of the members of the PNC/R and the party’s support base. 

The action was filed by Attorney at Law, Dr. Vivian Williams, and is supported by precedents in other jurisdictions.

Through his lawyer, Collison is asking the court for a declaration that political parties must adopt procedures for fair internal elections. He also wants the court to issue an injunction to prevent his Party from proceeding with the election of a Party leader and officers until such time fairness is guaranteed.  

Describing himself as a reformer, Collison says he brought the action to ensure the fullest participation by Party members, devoid of any manipulation.  

Brian Collison, a member of the PNC/R

“The applicant seeks declarations from the court that (a) political parties are legal entities that can be sued; (b) the PNCR performs functions exclusively reserved for the State which impact the  constitutional rights of Guyanese, particularly its members and supporters; (c) the determination of  candidates that appear on election ballots is a significant aspect of the elections process circumscribing  individuals’ right to vote as guaranteed in the Constitution of Guyana, such that the procedure(s) used  for their selection must be fair and consistent with democratic ideals; and (d) directing the government  to remove all undue burden to ensure rights conferred upon political parties by the Constitution are  given full force and effect,” a statement noted. 

“I was compelled to provide representation after being approached by a citizen who expressed deep concerns that the major parties are NOT being good custodians of the fundamental duties the  Constitution places in their hands, on behalf of the people”, says Dr. Williams.  

Mr. Collison is deeply concerned about claims of irregularities in the management of the current  Biennial Congress of the PNC and the electoral process that could affect the true will of the PNCR  electorate in their election of new office bearers. He says his interest is establishing accountability in  the party and ensuring the most fundamental element of political representation of the people is not  further damaged by a process that is not subject to review. 

In bringing this action, Mr. Collison says he recognizes the futility of further pursuing this very  important matter internally because of an environment of intolerance and the inability to hold the  leadership accountable for upholding basic Party rules and practices.

According to Collison, to the best of his knowledge, all efforts to address the concerns internally have  been ignored, thus leaving him with no choice but to seek to uphold principles, rules and practices  that would guarantee his right and that of all PNC members are upheld in a court of law as the only  amicable means and last resort. 

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