Leaking gas cylinder caused fire that destroyed building


A fire on Thursday night destroyed a building located at Barnwell, East Bank Essequibo.

The fire started at approximately 19:22 hrs, the Guyana Fire Service noted in a statement. Preliminary investigations indicate the fire started when gas from a faulty, leaking propane cylinder came into contact with flames and ignited combustible materials.

The affected structure was a two-floor timber and concrete building. It was occupied by 29-year-old Aria Chen, and owned by Vickram Ramai.

“Unfortunately, the building and its contents were completely destroyed, rendering one person homeless,” the Fire Service stated.

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  1. habeeb says

    The GoG and Guyana Fire Service should be more worried about the LEAKING FIRE HOSES that are
    on the Fire Trucks.
    It is deplorable to watch the hose perform like a garden hose, with holes spraying water along
    its length, thereby reducing water pressure at the nozzle.

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