With over 100 U.S businesses in Guyana, US$4.6B traded in goods last year


Business-to-business and wider commerce activities between Guyana and the United States are at an all-time high and as the U.S Ambassador to Guyana Nicole Theriot puts it, commercial ties between the two states are deeper than ever.

Just a few years ago, Guyana and the U.S traded a few US$100 million worth of goods, but last year, that surpassed US$4.6 billion. Declaring that there were now over 100 U.S. companies in Guyana, Ambassador Theriot made the announcement at a reception hosted in Georgetown on Thursday to commemorate the 248th anniversary of U.S. independence.

“Through trade missions, conferences, and exchanges between our private sectors, our companies are unleashing economic growth that supports the employment of thousands, providing a better future for Guyana,” the Ambassador added.

This she said is occurring in many sectors including energy which is a key economic driver, though there are activities in the areas of healthcare, education, and agriculture.

“I also love seeing all over Georgetown US branded hotels being constructed, along with US restaurants opening new locations. And for the many entrepreneurs out there – ya’ll, I’m still waiting on that Cajun restaurant!” she added.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali who attended the reception also spoke of this advancement in private sector exchange, noting that there is tremendous collaboration within the private sector.

“…and we welcome that.

“It helps to have greater cultural infusion and we support this tremendously,” the President said.

He looks forward to the upcoming strategic dialogue which will not only present opportunities to address issues and policies with politicians but will also bring the private sector together

He said a round-table-discussion is also to be held with the U.S Secretary of Commerce even as Guyana works to ensure there is access to the U.S market for its exported food and aquaculture.

“I want to assure you that as we work on enhancing the relationship and opening up opportunities… anyone can participate.

“We had difficulty in attracting small and medium-sized businesses out of the U.S. Today, we have to do very little lifting in presenting Guyana and our opportunities,” the president added.

He said too that there is more diversified interest from the U.S private sector.


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