Norton returned as PNC/R Leader backed by motion declaring him the presidential candidate


Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton was Sunday returned as the Leader of the main opposition party – the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) after securing the most votes at the party’s congress.

The Congress also passed a motion allowing Norton, as party leader, to be the presidential candidate for the next general and regional elections in 2025.

The Party Leader has historically been the party’s presidential candidate except in the 2011 election.

The motion solely empowers Norton to decide, if he so chooses, on other possible choices or arrangements for a presidential candidate.

The results for the top five positions were announced by Vincent Alexander late Sunday night.

Shurwayne Holder

Shurwayne Holder returned as the Chairman of the PNC/R.

The party claimed that the turnout for voting was overwhelming and also saw Vinceroy Jordan and Elizabeth Williams-Niles re-elected Vice Chairpersons.

Elson Low was elected Treasurer of the Party.

Counting of votes for the election of the fifteen-member Central Executive Committee of the PNCR will continue on Monday.

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  1. Terr says

    Low the treasurer really dem nah got money wha this jack ass go put up his own money ????? A group of dummies send dem all to Haiti /Africa dem mother land. Burke go be the security chief hahaha.

  2. derk says

    Congratulations Aubrey!

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