No foul play suspected in Ronaldo Watson’s death – Police


Ronaldo Watson, a 25-year-old procurement manager from First Street Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara, was discovered dead in his apartment on Friday last. Police in a statement on Tuesday said “Investigators do not suspect any foul play.”

Watson was a UG student who lived alone in the apartment located in the upper flat of a two-storey apartment building. He had been living at the address for the past five years.

According to a female friend, Watson complained about having the flu with headaches and vomiting, and he was last seen alive on June 25, 2024.

Two days later, Watson’s two aunts, Beverly and Gail Watson, who reside overseas, contacted Watson’s female friend and asked her to check on him since they had not heard from him.

The friend and others went to check on Watson on Friday. After they called and got no response, the friend decided to break down the door with the assistance of a contractor who works at the apartment.

They found Watson lying motionless in his bedroom with vomit on the floor.

The police were then contacted. Police said no marks of violence were found on the body.

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    Dengue or the new Covid ?

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