Windies Masters in running to host Masters World Cups- CWIMA


Press Release issued by the Cricket West Indies Masters Association

The Cricket West Indies Masters Association (CWIMA) has been selected as a potential host for the O-40s and O-60s World Cups by the International Masters Council (IMC). Once successful, the tournaments are scheduled to take place in the West Indies in 2025 and 2026.

In recent years, various age-group World Cups have been held in different countries across the globe, serving as a platform to promote the masters’ game and enhance the economic prospects of the host nations through sports tourism.

Recognising the potential benefits, CWIMA is considering hosting the tournaments in Guyana, Trinidad or Barbados, or a combination of these locations for different zones.

With the submission deadline set for July 14, 2024, CWIMA has reached out to the Heads of State, Sports, and Tourism Ministers in these countries to express their interest in hosting the prestigious events.

While Barbados has shown significant interest, responses are still pending from the other potential host nations.

Having successfully organised two mini-World Cups in Barbados, including the Big Man Cricket Over-50s Caribbean Cup in November 2022 (eight countries)and the Over-60s BMC Caribbean Cup in January/February 2023 (six countries), CWIMA has demonstrated its ability to host multi-nation tournaments with the support of local tourism authorities.

There is a sense of optimism that the West Indies will be awarded the hosting rights for both World Cups, as CWIMA continues to champion the expansion of the game within the region.

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