Three-month-old baby died from suffocation


Kyrie Nelson, the 3-month-old baby boy who passed away at Mya’s Daycare on June 28, died as a result of suffocation, a post mortem revealed on Wednesday.

The post-mortem examination was done by government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh.

Investigations from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, revealed that twenty-four children, including three infants attended the daycare. The daycare was operating illegally since the last documents issued to Mya’s Daycare for renewing the Child Care License were dated February 7, 2020.

Checks during and after the COVID-19 pandemic consistently showed that the facility was closed.

The registered caregiver also reported that the facility had been closed since 2020.

However, her granddaughter had illegally opened the childcare facility on January 2, 2024, without the knowledge of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CPA).

Meanwhile, Police Headquarters reported that Kyrie was dropped off at 08:00hrs on June 28 at the First Street Kaneville, East Bank Demerara location. The facility had two teachers, ages 21 and 24, both from Kaneville.

According to the infant’s mother, Rebecca Anthony, she handed her son over to one of the teachers before going to work.

The teacher reported that she received the infant alive and fed him porridge at around 09:00hrs. She placed him in a cradle at about 11:00hrs and then attended to another child. At about 12:00hrs, she began preparing other children who go home early.

When she checked on Kyrie in the cradle, she found him face down on his pillow with what appeared to be blood coming from his nostril. The teachers took him to the kitchen area and washed his face, but he was unresponsive. They contacted Kyrie’s mother to inform her of the situation. The infant was taken to the Diamond Hospital, where a doctor pronounced him dead.

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