Young, religious leaders guide Batavia’s development into the next decade


Murphy Gomez, age 39, the new Toshao of Batavia, believes his successful election to the new position was not by chance and he expects to confront major challenges in the future. Gomez originally hails from Warapoka, which is located in the sub-district of Moruca, North-West District, Region One.

In a recent interview with the News Room, he explained that he contested for the position of Toshao because he was passionate about leading the opportunities for the development of the village, Batavia. He was a representative on the previous Village Council and from that experience, he recognized the need for leadership of his ilk.

Upon his election, Gomez formed a 16-member strong council with mostly young members which he hopes will work on a 10-year plan under his leadership, to ensure the development of the community, especially in the areas of health and education.

The present council is looking to partner with the Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority to transform Batavia into a community that plays a role in the tourism sector of the country.

The village Batavia means: ‘The ancient district’ and is made up of many different areas, including the famous Arian Island which is situated on the right bank of the Cuyuni River. There is also Bamboo Landing, Tiger Bay and Pine Tree Landing along with Flat Rock, Upper and Lower Kamaira and Sandhill, to name a few.

Last September, the community of Batavia was selected as the year’s Heritage Village as part of the 2023 Amerindian Heritage Month celebrations. The village anticipates Heritage Month every year as it plays a huge role in the promotion of the village, the culture, and all the people of Batavia.

Toshao Gomez is the assistant pastor for the Batavia Full Gospel Fellowship Church and he shared that a principle that guides him daily is prayers.

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