Historic surgery at GPHC saves young boy


In a historic medical achievement for Guyana, the first successful combination embolization of an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) was performed in the country. AVMs can occur when a group of blood vessels forms incorrectly.

This groundbreaking procedure was carried out on June 9, 2024, at the Caribbean Heart Institute, located within the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation facilities by Chief Neurosurgeon, Dr. Amarnauth Dukhi and team.

The patient, a 12-year-old boy from a remote community, had initially visited an outpatient clinic where an attempt to remove what was thought to be a granuloma resulted in excessive bleeding and an aborted surgery. The patient was subsequently referred to GPHC’s Neurosurgery Clinic, where Dr. Dukhi, diagnosed him with a large right temporal-parieto-frontal scalp AVM via Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) of the brain.

Dr. Dukhi, recognizing the complexity of the condition and the fact that such advanced treatment was not available within Guyana’s public health system, reached out to an esteemed overseas-based Neurointerventional Radiologist colleague. Together, they performed a pioneering endovascular procedure combined with percutaneous embolization using Onyx, a state-of-the-art treatment technique that avoids the need for surgical incisions.

Remarkably, the entire procedure, which involved the use of the modern Onyx embolization agent and other advanced medical disposables, was conducted free of charge for the patient. The costs of the Onyx and other necessary supplies were covered by GPHC and the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, while all procedural costs were provided on a pro bono basis by the Dr. Dukhi’s led medical team.

The successful embolization resulted in the complete obliteration of the AVM, and the young patient was discharged just two days later with a full recovery and the prospect of leading a normal life.

This landmark achievement highlights GPHC’s commitment to advancing medical care in Guyana and demonstrates the power of collaboration between local and international healthcare professionals to ensure the best patient outcomes. [GPHC Press Release]


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