PNC/R names 15-member Central Executive Committee


One week after it held its congress, the main opposition People’s National Congress announced the names of those members who will make up the new Central Executive Committee.

Voting was done on Sunday last. By Monday, the party confirmed that Aubrey C. Norton was returned as Leader, Shurwayne Holder as Chairperson, and Elizabeth Williams-Niles and Vinceroy Jordan as Vice-Chairperson. Elson Low was elected as the new Treasurer.

After a week of continued tabulations, the party said Friday that Nima Flue-Bess, Mervyn Williams, Ganesh Mahipaul, Coretta McDonald, Robin Simon, Riaz Rupnarain, Anil Sugrim, Joan Ann Ramascindo, Sherwood Lowe, Troy Garraway, Kemel Kissoon, Marcia Gordon, Wainwright McIntosh, Deron Adams and Jermaine Figueira will make up the central executive committee.

Vincent Alexander announced these results. He said all activities were conducted without any breaches, except for the slothful voting and the extended period of the count of the ballots for central executive committee members.


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