Pres. Ali, in telephone call with new UK Foreign Secretary, reiterates strength of friendship


President Irfaan Ali on Friday congratulated the UK’s new Foreign Secretary David Lammy. In a brief statement on his official Facebook Page, President Ali said he also spoke with Lammy and assured him of Guyana’s strong friendship and partnership with the UK.

“Additionally, I updated him on the impact of Hurricane Beryl on the region and the need for support and collaboration from the international community,” the President stated.

He added: “Regarding our sovereignty and territorial integrity, he assured me of the continued support of the United Kingdom. We also discussed our bilateral relationship, investments, and the UKEF support for the development of Guyana.”

Lammy is the son of Guyanese immigrants.

Reacting on X after his appointment, Lammy wrote, “It is the honour of my life.”

Lammy adds that the “world faces huge challenges”, saying he will “navigate them with the UK’s enormous strengths”.

“We will reconnect Britain for our security and prosperity at home.”

Previously, he pledged to reset relations with the European Union and push for a ceasefire in Gaza, while seeking to build ties with Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

Lammy, the son of Guyanese immigrants, represents an inner-London constituency and has spent much of his political career campaigning for social and racial justice.

He supported Britain remaining in the European Union in the 2016 referendum. While Labour has promised Britain will stay outside the bloc, it wants to reset the relationship and seek to deepen ties, including through a new UK-EU security pact.

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