Region Nine villages receive $54M in presidential, sport grants


In an effort to enhance the livelihood of the country’s Indigenous people, presidential and sport grants amounting to $54 million were Friday distributed to some 47 villages across Region Nine.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai handed over the grants to village leaders at the opening of the Regional Toshaos conference.

The presidential grants are aimed at boosting the village economies and enhancing the livelihood of the country’s Indigenous people through various projects including agriculture and tourism ventures.

The sports grants will contribute towards encouraging and promoting the participation of sports activities among residents, particularly youths.

Thirty-three villages each received a $1M sports grant while another 14 received the presidential grant.

While addressing the Toshaos, Sukhai emphasised that the government continues to invest significantly to develop the hinterland regions, to ensure that the lives of its people are positively impacted.

“The government will continue to partner and we see it as critical to engage our people and our nation.

“No matter what ethnic group you come from, our government is an engaging government,” Sukhai said.

She also highlighted that the government has an open door policy and they are keen on ensuring that the voice of every citizen is heard and concerns are addressed.

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