Venezuelan, 21, chopped to death


Adrian Williams, 21, a Venezuelan national, was brutally chopped to death during the early hours of Friday during a drinking spree at Quartzstone Landing, Cuyuni River.

Police Headquarters confirmed the incident occurred at about 00:30 hours at a shop in the community.

The suspect, also a Venezuelan who goes by the alias “Pellupa” fled the scene and is yet to be apprehended.

According to a Police statement, enquires revealed that minutes to mid-night Thursday, Williams, the suspect and another Venezuelan known as “Barber” were imbibing at the shop.

Police said the shop owner related that he closed the shop and retired to bed.

About half an hour later, Police added that the shop owner said he was alerted by a loud noise coming from in front the shop. Upon investigating, the shop owner claimed that he saw Williams and “Barber” fighting.

They were separated by onlookers who eventually left and the shop owner returned to his bed.

However, a resident told the Police that around 00:30hrs, he heard a loud noise and upon checking outside he said the suspect standing over Williams. The suspect was armed with a cutlass, trying to continue chopping Williams.

But onlookers managed to stop the suspect, who Police said escaped, leaving Williams lying in a pool of blood.

The Police were alerted and upon arrival to the scene, they observed several chop wounds to Williams body including to his face, head and shoulder.

A small bottle of alcohol was found in Williams pants’ pocket, Police said.

As the investigation continues, Police Headquarters noted that efforts are being made to locate the suspect as well as “Barber”.

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