‘A fine hussle’- Canje man nabbed with 11lbs marijuana


A 23-year-old West Canje, Berbice labourer was on Sunday taken into custody following the discovery of 11.5 pounds of marijuana, suspected to belong to him.

Police Headquarters said the discovery was made around 07:45 hrs by ranks who were performing patrol duties in the vicinity of First Street Islington Village, East Bank Berbice.

In a press statement, Police said the ranks observed the suspect, Chris Gonsalves, who was acting suspiciously, walking along the roadway, near the seawall area.

The ranks approached Gonsalves and a search was carried out on his person and surrounding, during which a bulky parcel containing a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis was found over the seawall.

Gonsalves was told of the offence committed and cautioned and police said he responded “Sir, is a ‘fine hussle’ I doing, is about ten pounds, give me a chance.”

He was immediately arrested and taken to Central Police Station along with the suspected cannabis.

There the cannabis was photographed and weighed in Gonsalves’ presence, and it amounted to 11.5 pounds.

Gonsalves is likely to be charged soon.

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  1. habeeb says

    This man was not in POSSESSION of the parcel found ” over the seawall”.
    Why he admitted a “fine hustle” was because the police wants to pin something on him, and
    they need a scapegoat.

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