Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation prioritises athlete wellbeing at Anti-Doping workshop


The Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GMMAF) took a significant step towards athlete wellbeing and anti-doping education with the participation of three professionals in a recent International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) health workshop.

Dr. Sawan Jagnarian, Head of Medical for the GMMAF, and Dr. Dennis Bassier, a recent appointee, represented the federation at the workshop held last Wednesday.

Their attendance underscores the GMMAF’s commitment to athlete health, safety, and competition integrity.

“This workshop is another positive step for the GMMAF,” Dr. Bassier commented. “It complements national development efforts in sports, providing a platform for individuals to excel and represent Guyana internationally. Peak physical and mental condition are crucial for success in MMA, and this workshop highlights the importance of a robust anti-doping framework.”

Dr. Bassier emphasized the value of the World Anti-Doping Association training program, particularly for healthcare and non-healthcare professionals involved in sports. He highly recommended the program for those who advocate for clean and fair competition.

Chelsea Greaves, a prominent physiotherapist, will also join the GMMAF’s medical team, further emphasizing the importance of proper medical support for athletes.

The workshop covered essential topics, including the Prohibited List, Therapeutic Use Exemptions, and the role of event team physicians.

The session featured expert panellists Dr. Lucienne Attard, Dr. Carole Okoth, and Dr. Mark Stuart.

The GMMAF expressed satisfaction with the participation and engagement of its professionals in the workshop.

They remain dedicated to ensuring athlete safety and fostering an environment of integrity and excellence as the sport continues to grow in Guyana.

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