Murdered Venezuelan woman threatened in the past- mother


Evelyn Alfonzo Alves, the Venezuelan woman who was fatally shot to her head on Sunday, was reportedly threatened in the past by two men and was just recently intimidated.

“She (Evelyn) only tell me them two men did threatened she and things like that.

“And then she seh she went to some hotel in this town…and she found him (one of the men) the night and she start cry and she tell me seh one ah the man go away with two girls and them dash liquor inside she face,” Juliet Alves, Evelyn’s mother, told the News Room on Monday.

Still finding it hard to accept the death of her daughter, Juliet told the News Room that Evelyn left home on Saturday informing her that she was going to collect some money.

She did not provide any other details. However, Juliet said Evelyn was accompanied by a female. They left together in a taxi.

“She (Evelyn) seh she gah go collect some money. She gah wuk. Me didn’t want she go way. It got a girl that went with she.

“I don’t know if them tek way she money and the bag and them throw away she phone and then they go away with the money,” Juliet related.

Police reported that Evelyn was discovered lying on the road at the New Diamond Development Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.

She was found by workers attached to a construction company who were on their way to refuel an excavator.

The woman was clad in a white jersey, black jeans and a pair of black footwear. A tattoo of a butterfly was seen on her right arm.

Investigators found a 9mm spent shell about ten feet from Evelyn’s head. A cell phone was also found next to her body.

Juliet further told the News Room that after Evelyn did not return home, she tried calling her all day on Sunday but got no answer.

She said a friend of Evelyn sent her a photo of her lifeless body, lying in a pool of blood. As such, Juliet went to a parlour and her worst fear was confirmed.

“She whole face full with blood. She bleed through she nose. They shoot she in she head.

“Me see she just now. I see she body. Me can’t get to open she hair. Me can’t hold she. Like right now me body don’t have strength I just praying to God fah stand up,” the distraught mother said.

Juliet said Evelyn moved to Guyana about six years ago.

Evelyn is the mother of two children, ages 3 and 5.

“Is she wah does pay the rent and everything. I don’t have nowhere to go with them children,” Juliet said.


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  1. Derk says

    Oh Gosh this is a another sad phenomenon ! I do hope the perpetrators will be caught and enough evidence will be ascertained so that justice can can prevail.
    No one deserves to die like this !

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