Rose Hall labourer, 34, killed by security guard


A security guard from Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice is in Police custody for allegedly striking a man in the head and killing him in front a popular night club.

Dead is Kaioum Baksh, a 34-year-old labourer from New Market Street, Rose Hall, Berbice.

The suspect has been identified as Harrol Simons, a 45-year-old security guard of Mibikuri South, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne.

Mother of the dead man, 52-year-old Devika Manick told reporters that her son left home Sunday morning to sell bird seeds at New Amsterdam.

52-year-old Devika Manick

He reportedly returned later that day, at about 19:00 hrs, and collected a fishing seine.

After Baksh collected the seine, his mother did not hear from him again. Manick, however, said a neighbor called around 23:30 hrs informing her that Baksh was lying motionless infront the night club.

“…when a neighbor tell me that Kaioum lie down infront Shaveh like he dead…me na dig nothing and meh seh this bai na hear not to drink and that’s all,” the woman recounted.

A woman who was in Baksh’s company later told his mother that he was “making monkey antics” and speaking in a disorderly manner.

As such, that woman reportedly told Manick that the security “come out and start cuff he up and start stamp on he stomach and then he tek out some iron bar and start hit he.”

Police are investigating the matter.

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  1. habeeb says

    That’s the kind of people being hired as SECURITY GUARD…
    If not a legal authorized weapon like gun, baton- the next thing
    is IRON BAR, and FEET and HANDS.
    At least, that’s the description of an eye-witness.
    There may be more eye witnesses.

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    What cruelty. Despite the circumstances Mr. Baksh did not have to be treated that way. Msy his young soul rest in peace

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