Boy, 6, hospitalised with gunshot wound to head


Police are investigating a shooting incident which occurred at about 19:45 hrs on  Tuesday at Charles Street, Charlestown, which resulted in a six-year-old child receiving a gunshot wound to the head. The child is presently hospitalised, and his condition is listed as ‘serious’.

Investigations so far revealed that the boy was standing next to his 39-year-old mother, who is a food vendor, on the eastern side of Charles Street when a man approached on a black motorcycle (registration number unknown), with a gun in his hand.

As he approached the woman’s food stall, he discharged four rounds in the direction of a man (known as ‘Crab’), who was standing not far from the child and his mother. ‘Crab’ then began to run and made good his escape. In the process, the six-year-old boy was shot, and he fell to the ground.

The child was picked up by his mother and taken to a city hospital, where he is receiving medical attention. His condition is listed as serious.

Two 9mm spent shells were recovered at the scene.

Police are looking for the suspect, as well as the man known as ‘Crab’. Investigations are in progress.

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