Two brothers die after chopping incident


Two brothers- Marvin and Ellis Joseph- died on Wednesday after they were involved in an altercation at St. Lawrence, East Bank Essequibo.

Police Headquarters reported that the brothers, while wielding cutlasses, disembarked a canter and rushed towards another man, 25-year-old Ryan Fredericks.

Fredericks was walking towards a relative’s yard when the brothers were passing by on a canter.

Police said the brothers started to chop Fredericks about his body when they met him.

Fredericks then reportedly ran into his aunt’s house, attempting to flee from the brothers. He jumped through glass windows on the lower flat of the house.

It is not clear what exactly transpired next but the Police said, “It was suspected that during the confrontation, the two deceased (brothers) chopped each other along with Fredericks who collapsed in the house.”

Police reported that Marvin later ran out of the yard and collapsed on a wooden bridge where he become unconscious. He died sometime after. When his dead body was examined, a wound was seen on his abdomen and his intestines were protruding.

Ellis, on the other hand, was found bleeding. He was picked up by a passerby who rushed him to the Leonora Cottage Hospital. Ellis, however, died while receiving medical attention.

Meanwhile, Fredericks was picked up by Police ranks and rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital to seek medical attention for a chop wound to his right side back and other small cuts about body. His condition is listed as serious.

The brothers’ bodies were taken to the Ezekiel Funeral home for storage, pending post-mortem examinations.

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