Massy Stores Guyana introduces self-checkout service


Massy Stores Guyana has unveiled its new self-checkout service at the Massy Stores Mega location, aiming to elevate the shopping experience by making it more seamless and efficient for customers.

This innovative system caters specifically to customers with 10 items or fewer, offering a quick and convenient way to finalize their purchases. The self-checkout initiative is part of Massy Stores’ ongoing “One Size Does Not Fit All” campaign, which emphasises providing customers with greater control and flexibility during their shopping experience.

The Turkeyen location at the MovieTowne complex now features three self-checkout units. Customers can make payments using any Visa or MasterCard, while still being able to scan their Massy Card to receive the usual benefits.

Simone Savory, Store Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that prioritize customer convenience and satisfaction.”

Savory encouraged customers to take advantage of the new service and noted that dedicated attendants will be available during the initial phase to assist customers and ensure a smooth and efficient checkout process.

Following the successful implementation at Massy Stores Mega, plans are underway to expand the self-checkout service to other Massy Stores locations across Guyana. This expansion aims to allow more customers to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of self-checkout technology.

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  1. Terr says

    Good move so we do not have to deal with those APNU/AFC/ WPA rude scum bags for cashier

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