163,000 ounces gold declared for first quarter

Bibi KhatoonApril 18, 2017

Opposition Leader shortlists eight new persons for GECOM Chair

Stacy CarmichaelApril 18, 2017

President’s announcement confirms plan to close Rose Hall, Enmore Estates & divest Skeldon Estate- GAWU

Bibi KhatoonApril 18, 2017

UK Prime Minister announced plans for a snap election on 8 June

Bibi KhatoonApril 18, 2017

President calls for rice and sugar prices to be reduced to compete on Int’l market

Bibi KhatoonApril 16, 2017

Political Parties extend Easter Greetings to all Guyanese

Stacy CarmichaelApril 16, 2017

Multi-million dollar contracts awarded to fix roads & bridges, procure classroom equipment for UG

Bibi KhatoonApril 16, 2017

Nandlall files legal action against AG for Defamation of Character

Bibi KhatoonApril 15, 2017

Gov’t passes State Assets Recovery Bill amidst calls for withdrawal

Bibi KhatoonApril 14, 2017

Harmon defends remodeling of MOTP; says security must be consistent with that of a high office

Stacy CarmichaelApril 13, 2017