Removal of 14 % VAT on private tuition cannot wait until 2018 – Parents

Bibi KhatoonApril 19, 2017

UG’s ICT platform boosted; MOU signed with MOPT

Bibi KhatoonApril 19, 2017

FEATURE: A little boy hopes his love for reading can increase his chances of attending a top Secondary School

Bibi KhatoonApril 13, 2017

VAT regime to be reviewed during 2018 budget preparations; 14% VAT remains on private tuition

Bibi KhatoonApril 13, 2017

Constitutional governance and regular elections are legacies of Guyana’s colonial past- President at book launch

Bibi KhatoonApril 11, 2017

Junior Chambers International- West Indies Chapter meets with President

EditorApril 11, 2017

Finance Ministry debunked claims of being in possession of taxpayers’ records

Bibi KhatoonApril 10, 2017

Charges recommended against Nursery School Head Teacher for fraud

Bibi KhatoonApril 8, 2017

Natural Resources Ministry warns against unaccredited oil & gas online courses

Bibi KhatoonApril 8, 2017

Audience walks out on Prime Minister during 14% VAT on Private tuition meeting

Bibi KhatoonApril 7, 2017