GTU says will resume strike action on Thursday  


The Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) in a letter on Tuesday announced the restart of strike action from Thursday and said it is due to failed collective bargaining with the Ministry of Education.

An initial five-week strike began on February 5, with teachers demanding higher salary increases and duty-free concessions, among other benefits.

After a court-mediated process in March, talks between the Education Ministry and GTU resumed. However, discussions halted when the Education Ministry indicated that there was no fiscal space to cater for increases for the period 2019 -2023.

On April 19, a court ruling by Judge Sandil Kissoon stated that teachers’ salaries should not be reduced because of their involvement in the previous five-week strike organised by the GTU. That ruling will soon be appealed.


Greetings to you from the Guyana Teachers’ Union!

A decision was taken by the Guyana Teachers’ Union on the insistence of its members to resume Strike Action due to failed collective bargaining between the Ministry of Education (MOE)/Government and the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU). The Union views the government’s refusal to engage in Collective bargaining as a breach of our Labour Laws and an insult to the integrity of all teachers in Guyana. We believe that enough patience was exhibited by the Union to allow MOE/Government to arrive at a satisfactory position regarding salary increases for teachers. The repeated salary impositions in December 2021, 2022, and 2023 are a clear indication that the Government is unwilling to engage the GTU meaningfully. The strike will officially resume on Thursday, May 9, 2024, and continue until further notice.

What is a Strike?

It is a collective, organized, cessation or slowdown of work by employees to force an acceptance of their demands by the employer.

Union an attempt to gain a a form of protest, typically in A refusal to work, organized by a body of employees as concession or concessions from the employer.

GTU calls on all teachers to join in this justified action since our rights are being infringed by our employer. This decision is supported not only by the General Council, but our private opinion poll among teachers and CIVIC- minded persons across Guyana indicates that teachers nationwide have full support for Natiocacy action.

The Union asks teachers to o do the following during this period:

  • Do not report for work from May 9, 2024, until further notice.
  • Do not listen to threats that will come from high offices. You have a right to strike as an employee. The GTU has followed all protocols which makes this strike action legitimate.
  • Headteachers supporting the strike may hand over school keys to the most senior teacher(s) on staff who will be at work or where the entire staff will be on strike school keys must be taken to the Education Departments or the nearest Police Station from Wednesday, May 8, 2024.
  • Follow closely releases from your Unions’ Executive as we go forward.

Teachers throughout the length and breadth of Guyana are asked to support this justified action taken by your Union to ensure that the collective bargaining process is pursued between MOE/Government and GTU.

Yours respectfully,

Executives GTU

General Council Representatives

Branch Secretaries

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