Applicants flock Housing Department


Many persons on Wednesday morning flocked the Central Housing and Planning Authority office on Brickdam forcing all the gates to be closed to control the large crowd trying to access the housing department.

The rush to the follow-up on house lot applications was sparked following the 50 percent discount on house lots announcement in commemoration of the country’s Jubilee Independence celebration slated for May.

Remington Nelson , Personal Assistant to Minister of Communities, Valerie Sharpe-Patterson said the housing department is appealing with the public for order.

“What we are doing right now is receiving acknowledgment letters and working through those letters based on the “LOTS” we have available…it is likely we will at some point exhaust those lots” he said.

The Housing Department is appealing to the Guyanese public for patience and understanding since the aim is to move the 25 thousand active applicants out of the system.

Newsroom spoke with some of the persons who were seeking information about their application or the other services being offered by the housing department.

Menette Stephen, a house lot applicant said since 2009 she has applied for a house lot, and two years ago payments were made for the hot lot she was promised.

She said until now she does not know where the land is located and is being told “come back, come back and I aint getting through, so I just come this morning because I see a lot of people here to know where the spot is to go there.”

Ms. Jodean Benn, a single parent of two children, told Newsroom that her last visit to the Department was January, “they tell me if me aint get call yet and I say no so they told me to go in the room and they tell me that dem aint got no low income, they only got middle income and I got to write a letter to get the middle income…my salary is not enough to pay off for all of dah.”

Applicants are being offered an opportunity to pay 50 percent of the cost for their land by the end of April making them eligible for another 50 percent discount on the balance. However, all payments would have to be made by the end of May.


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