Robbie Singh brings the “Pulse” to Guyana’s nightlife with game changing entity 




Let’s face it; a nightclub without an extraordinary party promoter is just a space with some people in it. Party promoters are the people who add the vitality, the glamour and the magic to our favourite night spots. They do this with their “strategically-crafted-to-blow-your-mind” events.




These exceptional individuals create an entirely new world for us and when the event is over, we exhale with satisfaction because it was one of the best nights we’ve had in a really long time. Many endeavour to enter this trade but few possess the skills necessary to be successful.





One entity which has certainly emerged a victor and leader in this arena is Pulse Entertainment and it deserves every ounce of praise it has received over the years.





This entity which has been on the block for about seven years and still going strong, sets the bar high when it comes to experiencing the nightlife on an entirely different level.





Managed and led by Robbie Singh, one can say that with his years of service and dedication, he has earned the title of being one of the consistent trendsetters in the industry.





The News Room recently caught up with the owner of one of Guyana’s biggest names in the Entertainment Industry and we were able to get some insights from him about the highs and lows of his journey.







The News Room(NR) What spurred the interest in being a part of the party promotion industry?

Robbie Singh (RS):  I got into this field a few years ago on Valentine’s Day. Back in 2009, the clubs and parties had a monotone. If they had dancehall music starting the show that’s what would end it. That followed for all the parties. There was no mix, no blend or hint of creativity and I craved that. So I started my own entertainment line called, Pulse Entertainment and together with a strong team we have been able to make our mark with unforgettable parties. My first party was called Cupid’s Chokehold and it was well received. Those that attended loved it and from since then I just became obsessed and fell in love with ensuring that people get their money’s worth and they are blown away with my parties.


NR: Who do you view as your competition in this business?

RS: Ha! No one is my competition and simply because no one is willing to risk like I do. I would risk it all to impress my supporters and ensure that I have that “wow factor” at my party and that is exactly what sets me apart from everyone else that is in this business. Respect of course is due to those that are in it but my only competition is me.


NR: What are some of the hardships you’ve faced as one of Guyana’s top party promoters?

RS: It is a job that is certainly not without its difficulties. But one of the hardships facing all the promoters right now is that the party crowd has not increased by any significant margin. We are very thankful for the faithful supporters but sometimes when you host events it makes you realize that there isn’t enough cake to go around.



NR: What changes have you made if any, to your entity and what you produce?


RS: Well, we have branched into an event rental company for small and large events such as birthday parties and weddings, event productions and full marketing. We specialise in sound, stage and lighting but also the other things needed for an event or party. If anyone is interested in our services they can contact us on 223-8998.


NR: What is the core passion for you in doing this? What drives you?

RS: I would say that the need for the development of the entertainment industry with fresh concepts while ensuring properly planned, premium events in Guyana is what drives me. I am really driven also by the joy of giving patrons a memorable event with amazing decor, music and other features.


NR: What’s the partnership dynamic like between the entity and its faithful supporters?


RS: Due to our longevity and creativeness as an entertainment company and because we have pioneered many ideas within the industry, we have been able to develop a loyal fan base unlike many. Our supporters have remained excited and willing to continue pushing and supporting our brand even in the toughest of times. We repay this loyalty with giveaways and free promotions even at a loss sometimes to our company.


NR: Your business involves constantly being on top of current trends and creating new ones which resonate with the mainstream demographic. How do you and your team do it?


RS: It is mostly in the research and effective application of the techniques you have learnt but we also try to evolve our annual events to keep them fresh and dynamic. The team also shares ideas and tries to incorporate it into annual and new events. But mainly staying social, talking to supporters about new ideas and what they would like to see is what helps us to stay on top of the competition as well.


NR: What new are you working on?

RS: Most likely we will be on the road for the 50th celebration parade as we have a new premium event concept and we are also hoping to get an all inclusive event soon.


NR: What is your take on what clubs represent now?


RS: Clubbing in Guyana has gotten more glamorous and flashy particularly in design. Look at Gravity Lounge, the 704 Sports Bar and Club and Palm Court. They are great examples to show that it’s the eccentric and fabulous styles and settings people cling to. So simplicity is no longer a lasting factor.


NR: How do you believe local clubs and the partygoers are adjusting to the 2 am curfew? Is it catching on?


RS: No, it isn’t. Revellers don’t want to party too early and the curfew has had a massive effect on turnout, causing many event related businesses to go under as profits dwindle but expenses grow.



NR: Has this all been a glamourous experience for you?

RS: Certainly not for me. I party but I try my best to not let this get to my head because the perks can be overwhelming. I don’t do this for the fame or the women, it’s for the business. I am a very approachable person but I don’t like too much attention which is ironic because being a party promoter puts you in the spotlight. But this experience as a party promoter has really taught me a lot because I try my best to ensure that my team and I go above and beyond to impress the people. I never take my success for granted.

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