Rohee accuses Ramkarran and Nagamootoo of being sour for criticizing Jagdeo racial comments


Peoples Progressive Party’s (PPP), General Secretary, Clement Rohee is urging the public to be wary of the motives of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Political Commentator, Ralph Ramkarran. He was speaking at a Press Conference on Wednesday.


Rohee was referring to comments made by the two persons in relation to remarks made by Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo during an open air event in Queens, New York recently.


In a mobile video recording of the speech published on Youtube and facebook, Jagdeo can be heard telling a gathering that “most of you are familiar with what is taking place at home now. There is an assault on our democracy. There is an assault on people of Indian origin. There is an assault of supporters of the PPP”.


According to Rohee, the Prime Minister and Political commentator, who have their genesis in the PPP left because they were unsuccessful in hoodwinking the party’s leadership when it came to confirming them as presidential candidates.


“Vengeance politics will get neither of them anywhere because this is exactly what they are practicing,” Rohee said as he termed the former PPP members as “sourpusses”.


Nagamootoo responded to the Opposition leader’s comments as “race-baiting” while Ramkarran said it shows the party’s new agenda as an ethnic party.


However, the General Secretary says these men remain without credibility despite the office of positions they hold.

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