Corriverton to see major transformation by year end- Mayor


By Royan Abrams

The Corriverton Mayor and Town Council is working to modernise the town with the construction of a wharf, a boardwalk, new streets and sidewalks in the area.


During an interview with News Room, the Mayor, Ganesh Gangadin, his council will install and construct a wharf at #79 Village on the Corentyne to cater for residents and farmers from the upper Corentyne area.


“Currently they are using the stelling as it is or the Seawall and most time they have to wait on the high tide to discharge or on-load their produce so now with this stelling the tide would not be a factor, they can offload and on-load anytime and it will also provide some storage facilities for them there so that they can store their goods” he related.


The project is expected to cost $16.9M .


He said the Council is also awaiting access to a grant from the British Government to construct a boardwalk. The aim is to also build confectionary shops along the boardwalk to beautify the area, making it a tourist attraction to generate revenue for the council.


Gangadin disclosed that there are other projects ongoing in the Town; among which is the construction of sidewalks and rehabilitation of several streets. $14.9M will be spent on the sidewalks and $8M will be spent on repair works on 30 streets in the Corriverton area.


The Coriverton Mayor and Town Council also intends to invest in its own machinery so that the council will not be heavily reliant on contractors to do its work, he said.


“What we are going to do is to equip ourselves with all the necessary tools and equipment to do minor repairs and maintenance so we don’t have to wait until subvention come around because it will be continuous maintenance” he explained


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