Aviation stakeholders undergoing training to improve economic balance in the sector


To ensure that there is improved development at airports and fair pricing, stakeholders are being trained in the area economics regulation for the industry.


The training is being made possible by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority in collaboration with the Oxera Consultancy, a UK based company.


The training is being facilitated by Consultants, Andrew Meaney and Michele Granastein.


According to Mr Meaney, the aim of the course is to expose the participants to the best practices in economic regulations since aviation is really important to a country.


“It can really drive the economy, wherever you are in the world and an economic regulation is at the core of that so making sure that airports can build and develop and improve connections internationally and they need to be able to charge airlines the right amount of money to make that happen. Equally, airlines, passengers like you and me, we don’t want to be paying too much for our airfares so economic regulations are really about that balance between what the airports need to develop and build a strong economy and what you and me need as we move aviation to move” he explained.


Meanwhile, Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Egbert Field, says the course is timely given the juncture that Guyana is at.


“We should see a boom in the economy or this state. The expansion of the airport will lead to a lot more aircraft coming in. Airlines will be coming in, in a more frequent manner, we will have an increase in tourism and combined with the oil industry, there would be an increase in travel” he noted.


The training will conclude on September 22.

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