Education Ministry hosts first Literacy Rap Fest; Acting CEO says the ministry is exploring exciting ways of learning


The Ministry of Education, Literacy Unit, yesterday held a Literacy Rap Fest with students from various schools across the regions participating.


The event was the brainchild of Education Officer, Samantha Williams and was part of one of the activities in observance of Education Month.


Students were allowed to rap in Creole and Standard English, however, they were not allowed to use lyrics that mocked or ridiculed anyone.


Four judges presided over the event, including popular Journalist and radio personality Gordon Moseley.


Some of the contestants included Ovando Caesar of region one, Shimron Ram hailing from region six and Tirishatha Semple of Georgetown, among others.


The First rap song was performed by Chief Education Officer Acting, Marcel Hutson, who on the sidelines of the Fest noted that the Education Ministry is moving in a different direction to ensure that students acquire their education.



He said “this is so important because we know our children like music …it is a good tool for learning.”


Hutson expressed enthusiasm, highlighting that there are other exciting ways of learning in the classroom and in this regard the ministry will be exploring all these options. This is in keeping with Government’s literacy push.


Six out of the eight contestants in the event moved on to round two, but Tirishatha Semple of the Central High School emerged the winner of the Rap Fest and received a trophy.



There was also a performance by literacy professionals at the event, where the underlining theme was the importance of Education for a better life.





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