Local Sex Work Coalition disappointed with Public Health Ministry’s stand on concerns



A Local body representing sex workers is disappointed with the Public Health Ministry’s stand on concerns relating to its members but how that sector taps into their services conveniently.


On Thursday the Caribbean Sex Work Coalition wrapped up a four-day workshop but it is dissatisfied that the local Public Ministry was a no show, to hear some of their concerns even though being invited.


According to Co-chair and Coordinator Miriam Edwards, the Public Health Ministry’s position on limiting their engagement with sex workers is a slap in their face. She said stigma and discrimination in the Heath system remains a barrier for the population. She believes it is time that the voices of sex workers are heard and such workshops help in this effect.


Co-Chair and the Workshop’s Lead facilitator Marlon Taylor said six key areas were covered as to how they can empower the community of sex workers.



Some twenty participants from six Caribbean countries participated in the workshop which was hosted at the Tower Hotel.


When it comes to vulnerable groups, the Caribbean Sex Work Coalition is not the only group that is concerned with the government’s stand on its issues.


During an interview on Wednesday, Managing Director of the Guyana Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD), Joel Simpson told media operatives while it is very clear that government’s policy does not discriminate, this position should be reflected in more than just rhetoric.


“It is not enough just to have mere rhetoric. In that regard, the government has to move to action. I think also if the government is taking a position that they don’t discriminate and there’s a policy of non-discrimination, there shouldn’t be a cross-appeal by the state in the cross-dressing case. And while that process might have started with the previous government, the current administration needs to bring its position , not just in the media or public…in line” the Director said.

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