GRA Commissioner-General warns staff against wrongdoings in light of recent discovery


The Commissioner-General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has warned staff of the Authority that he will not be condoning anyone who insists on bringing the body into disrepute.


The Commissioner-General, Godfrey Statia summoned a general meeting with staff at the Authority’s Camp Street Headquarters on Wednesday, following recent discoveries of malpractice committed by officers.


It was recently reported that two employees of the GRA were arrested after the authorities detected a forgery in the name of Deputy Controller of Customs, Hema Khan for the importation of two All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). The two employees forged documents purporting to show that the ATVs were subjected to duty-free concessions. However, by the time the fraud was detected the vehicles were already sold and as such, the probe is now being focused on the buyers of the vehicles. The report stated that one of them has already reportedly offered to pay the required duty.
Mr. Statia reiterated that in addition to honesty and integrity, professionalism must be paramount, especially in an organisation where officers are sworn to secrecy.


The oath of Confidentiality and Secrecy is stated in the INCOME TAX ACT, Chapter 81:01, Section 4 (1) and all officers are sworn to same upon acceptance of employment with the Authority.


According to Mr. Statia, he intends to rid the GRA of the wrongdoings that have tarnished its reputation in the past by dealing condignly with those who insist on bringing the Revenue Authority to disrepute.


Meanwhile, the GRA is appealing to members of the public to play their part in the process by avoiding any form of collusion with staff, such as payment of monies for services offered by the Authority.


Members of the public are just as guilty should they aid and abet the commission of an offense by willingly participating in any clandestine act and may also be subject to prosecution.

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