Ministry of Public Health addressing outbreak of chicken pox at Paramakatoi Secondary School dormitory


The Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Education is taking steps to contain an outbreak of Chicken Pox at the Paramakatoi Secondary School Dormitory in Region Eight.

Addressing members of the media Public Health Minister Dr. George Norton assured that medical teams have been dispatched to the location in an effort to contain the spread of the disease. There are some 160 confirmed cases, however the Minister said the exact male to female ratio is not yet known.

Dr. George Norton- Minister of Public Health
Dr. George Norton- Minister of Public Health

The Varicella Vaccine will be given to those at risk of exposure, including children, teachers, health workers and community members, as Director of Adolescent Health Department, Dr. Oneka Scott elaborated.

Dr. Oneka Scott- Director of Adolescent Health
Dr. Oneka Scott- Director of Adolescent Health

The vaccine is not part of the country’s regular immunization schedule but was introduced for vulnerable populations such as dorms, orphanages, among others and was introduced in March of this year.

Health education sessions about the disease to aid in prevention of the spread are being conducted by the healthcare personnel and the environmental officers already dispatched to the area.

Infected children, the Ministry noted have been quarantined. Dr. Norton or Minister within the Public Health Ministry, Dr. Karen Cummings is expected to pay a visit to the area tomorrow.

Chicken Pox is characterized by a blister-like rash or boil, which first appears on the face and trunk and then spreads throughout the body even inside the mouth, eyelids or genital area. It is not known to be deadly.


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