Increased fees for transfer of motor vehicles; Motor Vehicles & Road Traffic Amendment Bill passed


The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Amendment Bill 2016, Bill No 25 of 2016 was this afternoon (Thursday January 5,2017) passed in the National Assembly.

According to the Explanatory note, this bill seeks to amend the Act by increasing fees for the transfer of motor cycles and other motor vehicles with the imposition of fees for the issuance of letters of authenticity and driving permits by the Guyana Revenue Authority.

The transfer of motor cycles will now attract a fee of $5,000, motor cars $25,000 or two per cent of the selling price or current valuation, whichever is greater. Additionally, driving permits issued to drivers living abroad, but visiting Guyana temporarily will now cost $2,000 and the letters of authenticity for verification of drivers’ licences will attract a $2,000 charge.

The Parliamentary Opposition argued that the bill seeks to impose more strain on the ordinary citizen, something it will not support.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan in whose name the bill was moved maintained that the bill could only be beneficial to the country.

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