21 areas to be regularized this year; 1,852 lots to be available


Minister with Responsibility for Housing Valerie Patterson has noted that the main thrust of the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s (CH&PA) strategy within its Plan of Action is to place emphasis on the planning function with respect to settlement development and land use control and management.

She highlighted that “re-focus in accordance with its legislative mandate on low income earners and state employees and youth for housing, enhance collaboration with LDOs in the land development and upgrading process, enhance public participation in the housing and community development process. In this regard, the CH&PA would seek to improve the housing delivery system by pursuing a range of settlement development initiatives.”

The initiatives the Minister disclosed include construction of various housing solutions for low income households through partnership with the private sector and Civil Society Organizations and the implementation of an integrated and comprehensive approach in the planning and design of settlements, among others.

Minister Patterson said 21 areas will be regularized in 2017 with a total of 1,852 lots being made available for regularized housing.

“Enhancement of the beneficiary selection process through policy review with an emphasis on low income earners, Collaboration which Local Democratic Organs to provide adequate community facilities and basic services, Consolidation of selected existing housing and regularized squatting areas that are deemed critical for intervention through the application of appropriate criteria, supported by comprehensive data compilation and analysis and Enhancement of the community participation process and enhance their communities,” she pointed out.

The Minister noted that the thrust to give prominence to planning, awareness and renewed interest at national, regional and local levels is critical to the work of the CH&PA.

In this regard, she disclosed that a National Planning Forum will be held during the 1st quarter with major stakeholders to initiate dialogue and action to enhance the current fragmented planning framework.


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