GoG budgets $10M for hiring of consultant to examine economic viability of oil refinery-Trotman


With multiple applications calling for an oil refinery, the Government of Guyana will be budgeting some 10 million dollars to hire a consultant to examine the feasibility of such a facility.

This was disclosed today (Thursday,January 19, 2017) by Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman during a post cabinet media conference.


Raphael Trotman- Minister of Natural Resources

Trotman said the decision to hire a consultant to determine the feasibility of the oil refinery was made by President David Granger in response to multiple applications from Guyanese, as well as foreign companies affiliated with locals, calling for the facility.

The consultant, Pedro Haas is the current Director of Advisory Services, Hartree Partners LP and his work would include a desk review to be conducted over a four-week period, examining demand, prices and forecast among other factors. 

The services of Mr. Haas were secured by the new petroleum producers’ discussion group, which was established by Chatham House which has been assisting Guyana in preparing for Oil and Gas production.

Meantime, in relation to the hiring of persons to fill vacancies within the Petroleum Directorate Minister Trotman said a stack of applications was received since the first advertisement was placed following the approval of the 2017 National Budget.

This initial advertisement sought to secure some 14 staff members. However another advertisement was recently placed inviting applicants to fill the positions of Petroleum Geologists, Director, among others.

The deadline is Friday January 20, 2017 and when asked if the time frame was sufficient, Trotman answered in the affirmative reasoning that the Ministry already has many applications on file and is still receiving.

He noted too that the advertisement was placed to ensure transparency in the hiring process and also to give persons who have to interest the opportunity to apply.

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