AFC elects members to National Executive Committee, Women & Youth Arms


The Alliance For Change (AFC) today announced that it has elected eight new members to its 12 member National Executive Committee (NEC) at its 5th Biennal Conference.

Chair persons for the Women For Change arm and the Youth for Change were also elected at the weekend in the person of Director of the Government Information Agency (GINA), Beverly Alert and Office of the Prime Minister employee, Cynthia Rutherford respectively.

Below is the full list of persons elected.

AFC Media Release

Sunday, January 29, 2017

AFC elects eight new members to National Executive Committee

–            Beverly Alert elected to head WFC

The National Conference of the Alliance For Change yesterday elected eight new members to its National Executive Committee (NEC).

The newly elected members are:

* –          Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

* –          Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson

* –          Member of Parliament Audwin Rutherford

* –          Director of Public Information Imran Khan

* –          Government Information Agency (GINA) Director Beverly Alert

* –          Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan

* –          Business Executive Nicola Trotman

* –          Attorney-at-Law Joel Edmund.

The four members who were re-elected are:

* –          Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs Valerie Garrido-Lowe

* –          Member of Parliament Michael Carrington

* –          Former Member of Parliament Trevor Williams

* –          Ministry of Public Infrastructure official Neilson McKenzie

Khan topped the vote tally with 132 votes followed by Nagamootoo (104), Carrington (100), Garrido-Lowe (96) and Patterson (94).

The NEC is comprised of the Leader, Chairman, Vice-Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, the 12 elected members, one representative from each of the party’s ten Regional Management Committees, Women For Change (WFC), Youth For Change (YFC) and the four overseas chapters. Five members can also be co-opted into the NEC.

The NEC has responsibility for the general affairs of the party between National Conferences and meets quarterly. National Conferences are held every two years. The NEC elections were held as part of the 5th Biennial National Conference held yesterday at the Vreed-en-Hoop Primary School on the West Bank of Demerara.

Dominic Gaskin declined nomination while Leader Raphael Trotman, Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan, Vice Chairperson Cathy Hughes and General Secretary Marlon Williams were not eligible to contest on account of having already been elected to leadership positions and being automatic members of the NEC as a result.


  1. Imran Khan – 132 votes
  2. Moses Nagamootoo – 104 votes
  3. Michael Carrington – 100 votes
  4. Valerie Garrido-Lowe – 96 votes
  5. David Patterson – 94 votes
  6. Joel Edmund – 86 votes
  7. Audwin Rutherford – 79 votes
  8. Neilson McKenzie – 75 votes

Sherod Duncan – 75 votes

  1. Nicola Trotman – 73 votes
  2. Trevor Williams – 69 votes
  3. Beverly Alert – 66 votes

In addition, Women For Change also held elections for the position of National Chairwoman as part of the National Conference. Alert and Trotman ended in a tie, however, Trotman magnanimously withdrew, allowing Alert to head WFC. WFC is the women’s arm of the AFC and its immediate priority will be to organise a National Women’s Conference at which elections for other positions will be held.

Meanwhile, Budding attorney-at-law and Office of the Prime Minister employee, Cynthia Rutherford was declared Youth For Change (YFC) President after a tied election.

The vote for the YFC Presidency ended in a tie between Rutherford and Colin Haynes with 26 votes each. However, following discussions with newly elected AFC Leader Raphael Trotman, Haynes magnanimously agreed to withdraw, allowing Rutherford to assume the presidency.

Haynes has committed to focusing his energies on starting a YFC Diaspora Chapter.

Juaretha Fernandes (28 votes) won the Vice Presidency over Cavern Hinds (23 votes).

Devin Sears (32 votes) won the elections for General Secretary over Breeanka West (19 votes) while Shannon Naipaul (28 votes) pipped Tiffany Marshall (24 votes) for the position of Treasurer.

Ian Fraser secured the Secretary-Treasurer position (effectively the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer) by an overwhelming margin of 34 votes to Ivan Bentham’s 16 votes.

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