Guyana to take lessons from Bahamas’ tourism & economic policies


President David Granger has hailed his recent visit to the Bahamas as a learning lesson for Guyana for its future growth and development.

According to a Ministry of the Presidency press statement, the Guyanese Head of State who was at the time addressing staff and members of the Grand Bahama Shipyard said the visit to the island is an economic mission for Guyana but coincides also as a visit for CARICOM, for which he is Chairman.

Bahamas’ ascension from a small island developing state to that of one of the leading economies in the region, President Granger noted is a lesson for the entire Caribbean.

President David Granger
Photo Compliments of MOTP

Granger pointed out that many countries in the region started off as plantation economies, but globalization, he said has forced the region to transform and the example of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas demonstrates how the transformation to a modern economy could take place within the global economy.

The entire Region, he admitted is affected by the unemployment of young people and therefore it is imperative that nations begin to learn from each other, in terms of promoting growth and development, so that every citizen can benefit.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Bahamas Perry Christie in his remarks said the two countries have over the years developed a great working relationship and this is reflected particularly in the education system of the island, in which many Guyanese have been able to share their skills and expertise.

Prime Minister of the Bahamas Perry Christie
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The Prime Minister echoed similar sentiments as the Guyanese Leader, noting that the Caribbean islands do have a lot to learn from each other. The Bahamas particularly, he said, will rely on Guyana’s expertise in the area of agriculture as Guyana takes lessons from its tourism and economic policies.




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