Giftland launches PS4 Game Room & Oculus Gaming


By Treiston Joseph  

The Universal Games at Giftland Mall on Thursday afternoon launched its PlayStation Four (PS4) Game Room along with Oculus Rift and Touch Gaming.

For those not familiar with Oculus Gaming, it is a virtual reality game that definitely takes you on a journey and experience like never before. In addition, the PlayStation Four (4) Game Room will be for the hardcore gamers who love to watch the big screen with the feel of the control in their hands.

Operation Assistant of Universal Games, Adrian Munroe, shared that the virtual games are “interactive” and puts a player “in the game itself”. While the Oculus Gaming is new to Guyana, the PS gaming is not and the reasoning behind the game room is to gain “traction” with hardcore gamers and even the average gamers, according to Munore.

Munroe also assured the top games such as FIFA, Battle Field and Call of Duty will be available for the fans of the PS4. It was also revealed that tournament will be had with both the PS4 and Oculus Gaming to determine the top gamer at the Giftland Mall with a leader board like system as well.

Patrons will be able to pay $3000 for an entire day of gaming and will also be granted a player profile on the PS4’s for their own use (shorter periods of play will also be available).

The tournament winners will also receive a trophy and three days free gaming along with being listed as the best player at Giftland. The dates for the tournaments, more specifically FIFA and Black Ops, will be issued at a later date. 

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