Protection and Projection of Guyana’s sovereignty are essential of diplomacy says Granger


By Mark Murray


President David Granger is reminding members of Guyana’s Foreign mission for need to protect and project the country’s sovereignty which he feels is essential when it comes to diplomacy and Guyana’s national interest abroad.

Today (Monday,April 3, 2017) the Heads of Mission Conference by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened at the Pegasus Hotel, under the theme “Advancing Guyana’s Diplomacy in the 21st Century.”

President David Granger while delivering the feature address at the opening ceremony told the audience that “Guyana lack’s the economic strength to sanction other States and the military capability to extend its power beyond its borders and it has no desire to do so”

“A Small State not withstanding its limitations can seek to influence International Relations in order to achieve its Foreign Policy objectives,” he added.

Section of the audience at 2017 Heads of Foreign Mission Conference (Ministry of the Presidency photo)

President Granger said “Guyana the only English speaking country on the South American continent projects itself as a Caribbean Country with continental characters with an influence of International Relations both to the North and South by exploiting its geostrategic advantage.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge also reminded the foreign diplomats of their responsibilities as what he calls ‘external actors’ in the interest of the country’s national development.

According to him “deep seated and complex are the nature of changes occurring in the international system; changing international alliances; new long term trends in global power underpinned by uneven economic development are all contributing to what a time appears to be the fraying of the Global system.”

“That process is inevitably throwing up special challenges and difficulties especially for small developing States such as Guyana,” noted the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Over the next few days discussions will focus on a wide range of political and economic issues which includes challenges and opportunities presented by the current complex but evolving international situation.

The preservation of the Guyana’s territorial integrity and sovereignty; economic diplomacy; the continuing role of the Diaspora in national development; the role of foreign investment in the nation’s development; topical and urgent questions relating to the consequences of climate change; the effect of technology on modern diplomacy; and the multi polar nature of modern international economic relations, among other questions are also on the agenda for discussion.

The Heads of Mission Conference will end on April 8.

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